Visio Stencils: Model of network system with Firewall – standard icon


  • This article will provide us with a holistic view of a network model that uses a firewall and gives detailed information about its features through Visio drawings.



  • With the above network model we will have a firewall device standing between the internal network and the external Internet connection. –
  • Firewalls include 5 zones are DMZ, LAN, WAN, Wifi, VPN to help us easily divide the area to manage the terminal equipment as well as wifi and vpn connections.
  • Firewalls will help us prevent threats from outside the internet from entering our system such as: + Anti-IPS attack.
  • + Anti-denial of service attacks DOS and DDOS.
  • + Detecting and preventing data encryption viruses, spyware, key lock ….
  • In addition to the features to prevent threats from the Internet, with firewalls we can easily control the traffic of internal users with features such as:
  • + Web Filter is used to control users’ web access.
  • + Application Control is used to control application access.
  • + Create policies to control the timing of internet access or control of necessary services.
  • The firewall can also have a number calculated as Router:
  • + Perform load balancing when the system has multiple WANs.
  • + Implement IPsec Site-to-Site VPN connections, Client-to-Site, SSL VPN Remote, GRE Tunnel …

Link download all of them

  • This diagram is drawn with the default icon set of the visio and System_and_Security_Stencil set.

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