Visio Stencils: Network Diagram has Storage and uses Backup software


This article is a report on the network model of the basic network with NAS storage device and using the Server with Backup Acronis software to ensure data security on the NAS is shown through Visio drawings



The network diagram helps the enterprise to protect the network system with the firewall device while maintaining the operation when there is a problem with the Cluster configuration

There is NAS storage system

With firewall device

  • Load Balancing with businesses using multiple WAN lines
  • Anti-external aattack by IPS
  • Anti-denial of service attack DDOS
  • Make VPN Server connect to other sites or give VPN clients remote access to the internal network
  • Protect the internal network system
  • Protect server system in DMZ area
  • Used to enforce Web Filtering in accordance with the requirement of the business
  • Used to enforce policies as required by the business
  • Implementing control for users by authentication types
  • Perform blocking of encrypted viruses

Server system with Cluster helps synchronize, maintain operation, prevent delay when encountering problems, load balancing

With the Backup Acronis system to ensure data is secured, if the data on the NAS goes down, Acronis will still have the old data for backup.


File Visio

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