5 super fast ways to block coin miner on web browser


  • Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual coin that uses encryption for security. Because they are anonymous and decentralized, many people can use them for payment that the government cannot follow. When mining Cryptocurrency becomes popular, website owners use Cryptocurrency mining scripts to use the visitor’s CPU power to make a profit. So this article will show you some methods to prevent coin miners in web browser.

How to prevent cryptocurrency miner in the web browser

  • Most websites with titles like TPB are using a new service called Coin Hive to exploit. There are simple ways to block such activities.

Method 1: Use No Coin extension for Chrome web browser

  • Installing Chrome extension is the simplest method to prevent coin miners in web browser. No Coin is a free solution. This open source extension is a reliable and secure way to control how websites are interacting with web browsers.
  • To install No Coin extension, you access this link after clicking Add to chrome.
  • One notice appear, clicking Add extension to complete install.
  • Once you access a website, No Coin will detect and display if any cryptocurrency mining activity is taking place. The user will see a red icon as shown in the illustration. Although this extension blocks any such activity, it also allows users to whitelist sites for a period of time.

Method 2: Use the minerBlock extension for Chrome web browser

  • Like No Coin, the minerBlock extension is another open source tool that users can use to block cryptocurrency miner in web browsers. This extension lists a few popular cryptocurrency miner domains on the list. Below is a minerBlock notification when visiting the Coin Hive website:
  • Link download extension here, click Add to chrome > Add extension to install.

Method 3: Block coin mining Domain/IP by adding to hosts file

  • Edit Windows hosts file under %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\.
  • We can edit the hosts file and redirect it to

Method 4: Block domain names in AdBlock extension

  • Click the following link to install AdBlock, click Add to chrome > Add extension to complete install.
  • Ad blocking extensions like AdBlock can prevent cryptocurrency miner. Depending on the web browser, users may find relevant settings to block specific domains. For example, in Chrome, navigate to the extension list and find AdBlock. There, access Customize > Block an ad by its URL, then add the following text to the text box:


Method 5: Use NoScripts for Firefox

  • For Firefox web browsers, users can use JavaScript blocking extensions like NoScript. Before using it to block exploitation of cryptocurrency in the web browser, please note that it is quite powerful and can break down many websites because it disables all scripts running on the pages.
  • Link download : No Script.

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