Visio Stencils: Basic Network Diagram with 2 firewalls


This article describes a network with 2 firewall devices that helping protect LAN network and DMZ network



The network diagram helps the enterprise to protect the network system with 2 firewall devices

With the first firewall

  • Load Balancing with businesses using multiple WAN lines
  • Anti-external attack by IPS
  • Anti-denial of service attack DDOS
  • Make VPN Server connect to other sites or give VPN clients remote access to the internal network
  • Protect the internal network system
  • Protect server system in DMZ area
  • Used to enforce Web Filtering in accordance with the requirement of the business
  • Used to enforce policies as required by the business
  • Implementing control for users by authentication types
  • Perform blocking of encrypted viruses

With the second firewall

  • Protect servers system against attack from outside of hackers


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