How to implement exchange 2016 on windows server 2016 Part 3


  • In the previous article, i showed you how to create send connector, mailbox database, user mailbox, distribute group to send email in local.
  • In this article, i will show you how to public MailServer out of the internet with a domain name internet.


  • In diagram, we have 1 modern run PPPoE, 1 Sophos XG Firewall with IP WAN, IP LAN, 1 Server with IP and local computer.
  • Server and local computer also in LAN area.


  • You have to buy a domain from provider like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Network Solutions, Matbao…
  • In here, i prepared a domain named to be purchased from Matbao.


  • First, we need to login on domain that we bought to create record.
  • My domain is purchased from Matbao so i access to login.
  • After login successfull, go to Domains > > DNS Management.
  • We need to create the following records to resolve DNS for MailServer as shown below
  • Note: You can see your IP public at .
  • After completely create records, you need to wait a few minutes.
  • Next to open cmd on your computer, type command nslookup > press Enter and then type your domain name, press Enter again to check.
  • If it displays the same IP address as your public IP address, you completely public MailServer out of the internet.
  • In this example, i will type and then press Enter.
  • Results are shown as follows

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