Visio Stencil For HUAWEI Server

This is IT industry Visio collections for IT Team easier to download. All of these collection is copyrighted to its respective owner, and is not the property of Techbast.

Some network diagram is made by Techbast, and you can download to use it for free in commercial.

If you need any further information please don’t hesitate contact us at info[a]

Stencil Included

  • HUAWEI-Server 1288H V5
  • HUAWEI-Server 2288H V5
  • HUAWEI-Server 5288 V3
  • HUAWEI-Server E6000
  • HUAWEI-Server E9000
  • HUAWEI-Server Kunlun 9016&9032
  • HUAWEI-Server RH1288 V3
  • HUAWEI-Server RH1288
  • HUAWEI-Server RH2285H V2
  • HUAWEI-Server RH2288 V2
  • HUAWEI-Server RH2288 V3
  • HUAWEI-Server RH2288H V2
  • HUAWEI-Server RH2288H V3
  • HUAWEI-Server RH5885 V2
  • HUAWEI-Server RH5885 V3
  • HUAWEI-Server RH5885H V3
  • HUAWEI-Server RH8100 V3
  • HUAWEI-Server X6800
  • HUAWEI-Server X8000


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