Office 365: How to use Forms of Office 365


Microsoft Forms is a new Microsoft application in Microsoft Office 365. With Microsoft Forms, it’s easy to create surveys to collect information, ideas and more, we can create the quiz used in teaching

  • Create forms
  • Setup forms

How to use

Create forms

  • Log into the system with an Office 365 account -> Choose Forms
  • Click New Form
  • Fill in the required information about Form name and description
  • On the right corner of the Form name is the icon used to insert the image
  • Users can select photos form Bing, Search, OneDrive or Upload directly from the machine
  • Click Add Question: Microsoft Forms allows us to select many types of questions such as picture below
  • Choice: Server for multiple choices or form questions Check-box
  • Text: Server for Essay questions

Rating: Catering for evaluation questions on levels 1-5 or 1-10

Date: For the purpose of collecting data related to the Date as asked about Date of birth

Setup Forms

  • After drafting exam done forms -> Click … -> Choose Branching
  • This section is to control who will be able to make this Form

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