Office 365: How to use Planner of Office 365


Plan is a useful application to help manage tasks and manage plans Simple, easy way to interact with a clean, streamlined interface

  • Create new plans, build teams, assign tasks and update status
  • Attach files to tasks, coordinate operations on files
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Email notification

How to use

  • Log on to the system with Office 365 account -> Choose Planner

Create Planner

  • Choose New Plan -> Enter plan’s name -> Click Create Plan

Add users to join the plan

  • Add Members -> Enter member’s name or email

Create progress

  • Enter the progress name -> Enter the job name -> Select job end date -> Assign Members -> Click Add task

Create more project phases

Attach files and edit projects

See all ongoing projects

  • Click Planner hub

View assigned tasks

  • Click My tasks

See progress chart

  • Click Charts

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