Office 365 : How to use Task


  • This article will guide how to use People in Office 365

What is Task ?

  • Tasks is an item you create in Outlook on the web that you want to track until it’s done. It is possible to create Tasks from emails that you have flagged for follow-up as an executable item, or they can be manually added to the task list items.

Overview of Tasks

  • Toolbar. Mark completed tasks as you become one.
  • My Tasks – Displays the folders you can use to view and manage your work. Choose whether you want to see the items that you have marked as important. You can create new task folders and rename or move existing folders. To add a folder, right-click on my work and select Create new folder. To rename or delete folders, right-click on the folder and choose Rename or Delete.
  • Tasks List – Filter and display tasks based on the state you assigned them. Use the Find by menu item to organize your work based on different criteria.
  • Use the command bar above the to-do list to delete, categorize, or mark the completion of a selected job. For email, the Reply command is available here.
  • Task Details – View details of the selected task in the task list. To edit the job details such as status, priority and completion percent, select Edit.

Create new

  • Open Tasks.
  • Select New.
  • Enter the subject, due date, and if you want, a note of work.
  • Select Show more details to enter information such as Start date, Due date, and Status and to track job progress such as% completed or working hours.
  • Choose the Insert command to attach a file to the task.
  • Select Save to save.


  • Open Tasks.
  • Select the Tasks you want to edit then select Edit in the task pane.
  • Make edits and save.


  • Open Tasks.
  • Select the Tasks you want to sort from the task list and then select Categories.


  • Open Tasks.
  • Select Items by and choose the arrangement you want in the menu.
  • Use the sort view to view jobs by Active, Overdue, or Completed.

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