Office 365: How to use Teams of Office 365


Microsoft Teams supports Connector model like Exchange to provide context report and update third party services, like Twitter or GitHub. Microsoft Teams also supports the Microsoft Bot Framework to provide services Smart of both Microsoft and third party partners into the team environment. All conversations, data passing through Microsoft Teams are encrypted

  • Group conversation tool (group chat)
  • Support for mettings, videos
  • Can work with Microsoft Office documents
  • Support Microsoft Graph
  • Optimized support and specialization for each working purpose

How to use

  • Log on with Office 365 account -> Select Teams
  • Group: The group is designed to bring together a group of people to work closely together. Groups can change for work based on specific purpose, Members only The team only sees the content of the work inside the group
  • Channel: Channels help organize the group’s conversations, content, and tools revolves around a specific topic. Can organize channels, such as by topic (the events), guidelines (design), projects (deployment) or entertainment (entertainment content). The Group owners can create channels and allow group members to create channels when needed
  • Group membership: Designated group owners can invite any employee who works with them joins the group. Microsoft Teams help master Group owners easily add people to the organization by their name
  • Roles of the Group: There are two main roles in Microsoft Teams: owner groups, group creators and group members, who they invite to join the group. The group owner can designate any member of the group to be a co-owner when invite them to join the group or at any time after they join the group. Many Group owners allow you to share settings and accountability management responsibilities members, including invitations

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