Sophos XG v18: How to configure transparent mode for LAN port and WAN port on Sophos XG version 18


Instructions are configured according to the following diagram:

How to configure

  • Login to Sophos XG with Admin account
  • CONFIGURE -> Network -> Click Add interface -> Choose Add bridge
  • Enter Name for Bridge interface
  • In Member interfaces: Choose interfaces which you want to bridge transparent (here i will bridge port 3 and port 5 on Sophos XG)
  • Get 2 port in 1 zone (LAN or WAN)

-> Click Save

  • PROTECT -> Rules and policies -> Click Add firewall rule
  • In Source zones: Choose Any
  • In Source networks and devices: Choose Any
  • In Destination zones: Choose Any
  • In Destination networks: Choose Any
  • In Services: Choose Any

-> Click Save

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