1.What is Port LAG and its purpose?

  • Port LAG (Link Aggregation) is a method of aggregating two or more network ports together, making them a single connection to aggregate bandwidth (trunking) or provide redundancy (faul tolerance).
  • Port LAG with trunking feature will increase the connection speed beyond the speed of a single cable or individual network port.
  • Improving the transmission performance really makes sense in the server environment making multiple connections from clients.
  • The redundancy feature also creates higher availability and helps prevent interruptions in network transmission.


  • Log into Sophos web admin page with an account with admin rights.
  • Select Network> Interfaces> Add Interfaces> Add LAG and fill in the following parameters.
  • Interface name: Name the port LAG.
  • Member Interface: Select the member for port LAG. At least 2 ports are required to create a LAG port. Can configure up to 4 ports on 1 LAG port.
  • Mode: Select a LAG mode.
  • Active-Backup: Select the active backup mode to only be able to accept errors.
  • 802.3ad (LACP): Select the 802.3ad (LACP) mode to balance traffic load and provide fault tolerance.
  • Zone: select zone for port LAG.
  • IP Assignment: You can choose to set static ip or DHCP.
  • Netmask: Enter subnet mask for port LAG.
  • Click Save to save the configuration.
  • As a result, we have successfully created the LAG port.


    • Hi Resul, i will explain your question.
      To config hash policy on LAG ports, you focus on Advanced Setting > Xmit Hash Policy in config LAG port table.
      in there, you have 3 option :
      + Layer 2 : Select to generate the hash value using Mac Address.
      + Layer 2 + 3 : Select to generate the hash value using a combination of Layer 2 (Mac Address) and Layer 3 (IP Address).
      + Layer 3 + 4 : Select to generate the hash value using Transport layer protocol information.

  1. I have Huawei Core Switch with vlanif 0n trunking is
    i create Lag_lan with IP with many vlan on there
    but i cant ping to the core switch ? any idea ?

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