How to configure monitoring Server VMWare ESXi on Zabbix


The articles show how to configure management, monitoring server running VMWare ESXi. VMWare ESXi is a well-known technology developed and widely used today, installed on a physical server from which it can form many virtual machines with different operation systems


How to configure

  • Edit the config file on the zabbix server to enable VMWare monitor
  • Edit file /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf and add line StartVMwareCollectors=5 to the of the file
  • Restart zabbix server service

systemctl restart zabbix-server

  • Add host VMWare ESXi
  • Go to Configuration -> Click select Hosts -> Click Create host
  • In Hostname: Enter the name
  • In Groups: Choose Linux servers
  • In Agent interfaces: Enter IP address of VMWare ESXi
  • In Templates -> Choose Template VM VMware
  • In Macros -> Fill information

{$USERNAME} – root
{$PASSWORD} – root password
{$URL} – https://+ Vmware server IP address +/sdk

  • Check the result

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