Sangfor HCI: How to configure Virtual Storage on Sangfor HCI system


Minimum 2 nodes required to build Virtual Storage

The system will integrate the hard drives of all nodes in the cluster to form Virtual Storage

Distributed File System-based Virtual Storage

Virtual Storage requires aSAN license


How to configure

  • Log in to HCI system by Admin account
  • Go to Storage -> Choose Virtual storage -> Choose Advanced -> Choose Storage Area Network -> Click to Settings to choose Deployment Mode -> After you’re done selecting mode -> Click Next
  • Choose Physical Interface
  • Enter IP to communicate between nodes (here I leave default)

-> Press OK to continue when you’re done selecting mode

  • Click Next -> Choose Create Virtual Datastore
  • Choose Ordinary datastore or Stretched datastore (minimum have 4 nodes)
  • Select the nodes that you want to add Virtual Datastore -> Click Next to continue
  • Configre disk usage
    • SSD are often configured as Cache Disks
    • HDD are usually configured as Data Disks or Spare Disks
  • Review the configuration and click OK

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