Sangfor HCI: Network Topology user guide on Sangfor HCI


Network Virtual Deploy: Deploys the corresponding network link structure using virtual machines and virtual network devices in the aCloud platform and is a gateway bridge to the physical network gateway to form local network communication

Physical network virtualized as Sangfor aCloud

All nodes are provided with resources to form the Virtual Network

Virtual Network provides an overview of the VM network link structure

Simple and easy to manage design

Sangfor virtual networking aNET solves the operational challenges of traditional network hardware and improves efficiency by providing a new way to operate the network

Support for VXLAN network protocols to achieve seamless connectivity to physical networks and simplifies network configurations

Network error detection and other network management functions can be achieve through the Virtualization Management Platform

aNET Virtual network allows users to complete network deployments of different application systems in a short time, adjust automated networks, handle network problems and other jobs, improve network operation management and efficiency, be network ready, withdraw expansion time, and reduce data center costs to build physical networks


How to configure

  • Login to management console of Sangfor HCI by Admin account
  • Go to Networking -> Choose Topology
  • Virtual Network components
    • Physical Edge: the component that helps physical and virtual networks communicate with each other
    • Virtual Switch: the component used in Virtual Network for Layer 2 for devices to communicate with each other
    • Virtual Router: the components used in Virtual Network for Layer 3 to perform routing
    • Virtual Machine: Install OS and apps to provide services to bussiness
    • Virtual Network Device (NFV): Virtual Sangfor firewall (vNGAF), Virtual Sangfor IAM (vIAM), Virtual Sangfor ADC (vADC)

When you user a device of NFV -> You have to download vma file from homepage of Sangfor

  • Choose Access Networking -> Choose Templates to import vma file

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