Sangfor HCI: How to create USB boot to install Sangfor HCI


HCI is Sangfor’s virtualization technology, providing super convergence infrastructure, integrating computing, storage, networking, and security resources into a single system

If the traditional Data Center model consists of 3 main components: Server to run the application, Storage to store data and network infrastructure to connect components together. Then HCI combines everything together, encapsulated 1 package – a single device, full of components: Computer + Storage + Networking

How to create USB boot to install HCI

  • Download HCI software iso file from Sangfor’s homepage
  • Download software to create USB boot Rufus
  • Plug the USB stick you want to use as a USB boot on your computer
  • Open Rufus software
    • In Device: Choose USB
    • In Boot selection: Click SELECT to choose HCI file which was downloaded before

-> Click Start to create USB boot

  • After the USB creation process is successful -> Unplug USB and start installing on the Server system

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