Sophos Mobile: Configuration Trigger SMSec Scan function on Sophos Central

Trigger SMSec Scan is a task in task bundle of Sophos Mobile Control. When the task is transferred to devices, the Sophos Mobile app is silently triggered to perform a scan against malware and potentially unwanted apps (PUAs)

This task requires that Sophos Mobile Security is managed from Sophos Mobile, that is, a Mobile Security policy is assigned to the device

Guide to config

  • Login to Sophos Central by Admin account
  • If you do not have an Admin account, create a Sophos Central account
  • CONFIGURE -> Task bundles -> Android -> Click Create task bundle


  • Import Name and Click Create task -> Choose Enroll and Trigger SMSec scan (you have to choose enroll task first and choose another tasks optionally) -> Click Save


  • MANAGE -> Devices -> Click Add -> Add device wizard


  • Import Platform, Name, Email Address -> Choose Owner -> Click Next


  • Choose enroll device -> Choose a task bundle which you want to apply to device -> Click Next


  • Click Send instruction email -> In your device, install Sophos Mobile Control, and Scan QR Code -> Finish



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