Sophos SafeGuard : How to install Location-Based File Encryption for Google Drive Cloud Storage


  • In this task you will configure and test location-based file encryption for Google Drive Cloud Storage.


  • In the task , we will create Policy on SafeGuard Server to file encryption on Google Drive Cloud Storage when users store data on Google Drive.

What to do


On SafeGuard Server

  • Open SafeGuard Management Center and login with your password.
  • Click Policies on the bottom left.
  • Right-click Policy Items > New > Device Protection.
  • Name the policy Encrypt Google Drive.
  • In Device Protect Storage, choose Cloud Storage > Google Drive and then click OK.
  • Check the information as shown below and click Save.
  • To appy policy, click Users and Computer, click VACIF.COM > VACIF STAFF > Policies tab.
  • Drag and drop Encrypt Google Drive policy from Available pane to Policies tab and click Save.

On Client

  • Firstly, you need to download Google Backup and Sync and install it.
  • Double-click SafeGuard icon to receive policy created earlier.
  • Open Google Backup and Sync tool , sign in with your username and password and click Next.
  • In MyPC, untick Desktop,Documents and Pictures and click Next.
  • Click Next once again and click Start.
  • At this time Google Drive folder was created on Desktop.
  • Right-click on Desktop click New > Microsoft Word Document.
  • Right-click file word choose SafeGuard File Encryption > Show encryption state.
  • Notice appears “This file is not encrypted”
  • Open Google Drive folder.
  • Drag and drop file word from Desktop to Google Drive folder.
  • Right-click on file word choose SafeGuard File Encryption > Show encryption state.
  • Notice apears “This file is encrypted….”

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